A blog series on how AI agents could be designed to enable positive social and environmental change

Illustrations © Niklas Hagemann (niklashagemann.com)

Photo by Michael Glass on Unsplash

11 key insights to improve public and political engagement with the climate crisis

© Google search and screenshot of air quality sensors

400 words contributing to Prix BLOXHUB Interactive Symposium 2019, Copenhagen

Foreword, Hungarian Design Award, 2019

Building healthier cities

© Peter Hershey unsplash.com

Improving urban mobility

London on a polluted day (© Sandra Mode unsplash.com)

Moving beyond monitoring air pollution to improving air quality

Severe health impacts

Gyorgyi Galik

Innovation designer, design strategist, and environmental advocate — interested in collective action, cities & the climate crisis https://twitter.com/GyGalik

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